Will Jones and the Dead Man's Letter

Will Jones and the Dead Man's Letter

This is a novella or short novel. 138 pages


ISBN: 978-0-6453511-0-1

When a horseman rides into camp, with a bullet hole in his gut and not long for this world, Will Jones finds not only that the dying man has a gang of New South Wales mounted police on his tail, but a canvas-wrapped parcel in his saddle bags. A scrawled address includes the promise of a reward to deliver the package to a station-owner in Western Queensland.

With two mates, and an unexpected hanger-on, Will sets out on an adventure across two lawless states in 1880s Australia. Yet, he soon learns that there is a price on his head, and that he is an unwitting tool in a game with mysteriously high stakes.


Author's note: This is a short, suspenseful read, beginning in and around the Warrumbungle Ranges, moving north to the Queensland border then out west of Thargomindah. I'm hoping to write more Will Jones stories in the future, in order to explore the wild ways of Australians in the 1880s.

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