Galloping Jones (and other true stories from Australia's history) PAPERBACK

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Galloping Jones was a bare-knuckle-fighting larrikin who could tame any horse. Moondyne Joe escaped prison using an ingenious plan that made a whole colony laugh. Caroline Coleman was a settler who raised her children in Western Queensland, and buried her husband behind the store they built near the Thomson River. Nemarluk was an Aboriginal freedom fighter, who terrorised the Daly River region of the Northern Territory.

Based on the popular weekly Stories of Oz history posts, these sketches of Australia’s past will inform and entertain you. Above all, they will remind you of what life was like, in the days before highways and smart phones.


Galloping Jones

Ben Hall

Charlie Flannigan and the Auvergne Station Murder

The Ragged Thirteen: ‘Tea and Sugar’ Bushrangers

The Eulo Queen

Nemarluk the Outlaw

James ‘Jimmy’ Darcy

The Tragedy of Joe Flick

Captain Moonlite

The JC

Augusta Marion Gaunt

Catherine Coleman – Pioneer

The ‘Petticoat’ Drovers

Pearling on the Mona

The Leviathan


The Lake Nash Drought and a Push for Water

The Man with a Mission

James ‘Shearblade’ Martin

The Town on the Flood Plain

John Moore Gaunt and the St Kilda Years

The Girder that Wouldn’t Fit

The McGree Brothers of Taylors Arm

The Nackeroos

The Stone-throwing Battle of the Margaret River

The Siege of Dagworth

The Battle of Long Tan


So who the hell was Alice anyway

Paddy Cahill

Buckley’s Chance

Making Fools of the Law

Tom Turner – Pine Creek Cop

The Capture of the Kenniff Brothers

Moondyne Joe.

Harry Readford

Collateral Damage

Mary Watson of Lizard Island

Assisted Immigration

Barbara of the Kaurareg

Charlotte Badger

The Ethel Pirates

The Wreck of the Tryal

Gold Rush on the Palmer River

The Big Australian

The Opalton Heist

Territory Gold

The Loaded Dog

Elizabeth Woolcock

Alma McGee

Steele Rudd

Where the Dead Men Lie

Edward Dickens

Jack and Kate

Nat Buchanan

Captain Joe Bradshaw

Carrie Creaghe

Charles Fisher

Sixty Ships and One Thousand Men

The Marion Sleigh

The Paddle Steamer Providence

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